Global Warming Essay, Causes, Consequences

Global Warming Essay, Causes, Consequences

The Earth's average temperature has been growing continually since the 19th century.  The mean global temperature in the 1960s has been 13.9-degree Celsius whereas in 2017 it was 14.9 -degrees Celsius.  No one can deny how the temperatures have been rising in the world.

Causes of global warming

Intervals and ice ages have occurred and obviously on Earth.  When Earth is nearer to the Sun, natural heating happens.  But, it is the greenhouse gases that lead to a temperature growth and interrupt the normal cycle of changes.  The gases like the oxides of carbon and sulfur are all greenhouse gases.  These gases, when present in the air, trap the incoming radiation and heat from the Sun. The occurrence of gases is called the greenhouse effect.  We people have been responsible for the discharge of these gases. 

Our actions like deforestation, oil extraction, transport, burning fossil fuel, mining, cattle rearing, and industrial manufacturing are mostly responsible for global warming. Methane is one greenhouse gas that has to be mentioned in this context.  It's discharged from mobile explosion, landfills, natural gas, petroleum extraction, coal mining, cattle, and industrial waste procedure.  Methane is also released during volcanic eruptions.  It's thought to be twenty times more powerful than carbon dioxide in trapping heat.

Consequences of global warming

The impact of global warming is that the melting of polar ice caps and glaciers.  A reduction of habitat for species at the zone that is frozen is likely.  Losing tonnes of ice could bring about the rise of sea levels, and inundation of coastal areas all over the world.  Glaciers are the resources of our rivers.  With no glaciers, many rivers can dry up, resulting in serious water scarcity.Erratic changes and global warming in climate patterns are tightly linked.  Frequent droughts, more torrential rainfalls, stronger cyclones are becoming common in parts of the planet.  Intense heatwaves and wildfires are becoming a phenomenon.

These influences not only human life that is normal but also our economy.  Millions might continue as calling the states is becoming complex and have succumbed to the fury of nature.Global warming influences food accessibility .  Many plants can't withstand severe droughts and floods.  Agriculture could develop into an extremely costly job.  Fertilizer resistant insects and new insects are growing since they can withstand harsher weather.  Livestock is at risk of heat stress and bad quality of food distribution.  They are getting acidified as seas absorb emissions.  Our species are getting wiped out at a fast rate.

The rapid rise of temperature in India

Summers are now very hot.  The mean temperature in May and April will be 40 to celsius in many regions of the nation.  India is vulnerable to climate change.  Market and our agriculture are dependent on rains.  Then inflation is likely to occur When the rains come is rainfall.  At locations, we've got heavy downpours, and there's a long-term drought.  In our towns, we've got a lack of waterpollution and pollution levels are large.  It's said that approximately 600 million people might be in danger from global warming's effects. As of December 2018, we're the greatest emitter of carbon dioxide.  It's the principal factor for global warming.

Steps to prevent global warming

We have done great harm.  Countries are currently taking action to stop additional of temperatures, and throughout the globe have known the urgency of the global warming problem.  There have been agreements to decrease the emission of greenhouse gases.  The Most Recent one is that the Paris agreement by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) members.  The most important objective of this arrangement is to maintain the growth in global average temperatures to well under 2 °C over pre-industrial amounts and to restrict the growth to 1.5 °C.To cancel carbon emissions, initiatives are being taken by the government. 

These contain the solar assignment, electrification of transportation, clean development mechanisms, effective use of natural resources like wind power, hydel power, etc..  Our government has introduced approaches to decrease the use of fuels that were unclean for cooking in families.As people, we have the duty in making our world a safe abode for our future generations.We ought to really go for lights like LED bulbs which don't generate heat.

 We can drive less and use public transportation.  Recycling has become a custom in our society since the creation of parts that are new takes a great deal of energy and contributes to contamination.  Make use of natural resources like water.  Plant trees as one tree can consume 1 ton of carbon dioxide.  We ought to use devices that are fewer .  It is far better to visit beaches, parks, and zoos we see the value of maintaining the gift of nature to humanity. 
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