Essay on Technology

Essay on Technology

We are living in a world hardly anyone would argue with you if you said this.  Technology, literally meaning the"science of artwork", refers to the assortment of processes, skills, techniques, and processes used to create goods or services or for attaining goals like scientific evaluation.  Technology can be embedded in machines allowing them to be used by men and women even without knowledge of their internal workings.

Essay on Technology

Growth is closely linked to the expansion of scientific research and knowledge.  Manufacture and in the past 50 decades, as a result of the exponential growth in computing power and microchip design, there has been growth and unprecedented innovation in nearly every field of human endeavor from transport and health into production and instruction.

Technology in Daily Life:

It's automotive technology that drives the current hybrid and electric automobiles, and which will drive tomorrow automobiles, hover-taxis and distance cabs.It's the technology which drives the cell phones that are omnipresent you will now find at the hands of the weakest of the planet's poor. 

It's the technology that produces seeds which withstand inhospitable terrain that is difficult and conditions, providing high returns.

It's advancing technology which makes minimally invasive surgery, operation and cures.  Technology allows us see new worlds and places spacecraft on asteroids and planets that are remote.  Atoms, showing their secrets split, and provides us methods.

Technological growth: good or bad?

There are those who oppose assert and technologies it spells the death of'humanity', which we're currently coming to the day when everything will be ruled by machines.  They refer to lovers of technologies'techies' or occasionally'geeks'.  On the flip side, proponents of technologies predict these individuals Luddites, a name for somebody who's opposed generally to industrialization, automation, computerization and new technology.

Is this accurate?  Is technology a curse?  Many consider that the convergence of AI and biotechnology may be the growth whatsoever.

When Technologies Converge:

In the previous five years, two regions, specifically, have grown faster than the rest.  One is AI or intelligence .  Gains concentrated interventions and have emerged for operation, which enables highly effective -- and human beings generally, such as automobiles -- that will lower the death rate from road accidents.

However, visionaries such as Yuval Noah Harari, author of their bestselling Homo sapiens and Deus, are now warning that the convergence of biotechnology and AI will irreversibly and unpredictably affect the standard of individual life and its challenges in the upcoming few decades.  A fantastic instance of this is that the recognition technology that's currently present in most management applications that are picture.  The AI in the computer software is capable of recognizing the individual but additionally not spotting the faces from each photo.

This technology has expanded so that picture programs can differentiate dogs cats, beaches, beaches, and automobiles .  By observing body movements and facial expressions computers with AI are already identifying emotions.  Some robots have the ability to mimic human emotions.  This can be known as computing called intelligence that was emotional, and describes advancement and the analysis of devices and programs which may identify, interpret, process, and mimic influences.

Can this be a drawback?

When Computers become Human-Like:

The ability to read emotions is only a step away from calling emotions.  As an instance, if a computer may identify in a user is showing interest which goods or that ones he is keen to purchase tactics could be employed to determine her to purchase it.

Activists fear that computers which expect and can understand fantasies and needs by assessing their micro-expressions and scanning their irises might also be programmed to exploit and control them.

Another fear is that computer dehumanize and with expressions, address, and skin can jeopardize connection and make vacuums.

Machines that do Human Jobs:

An fear of Luddites has been that computers will spur people of the livelihood by doing them at a lower price and taking their jobs.  In fact, the opposite has occurred.  New tasks for individuals opened up that requires thinking and analytical abilities and decision, or interpersonal skills as machines started taking more repetitive and mechanical actions.  A fantastic case in point is the proliferation of telephone centers.

When drones were devised many worried that pilots will be redundant.  Few men and women understand that it takes nearly 30 individuals to fly an extra 50 individuals, along with one drone to test and make sense of their information.

Even the US army suffers from a lack of traineddrone pilots.  However, a scientist cautioned that it's sure that computers will probably fly that people and firing will probably be redundant.  Convinced is that a few new skill demands will have opened up with technologies.


Technology is the consequence of individual inventiveness.  Our evolutionary legacy is reflected by it.  We are neither powerful like gorillas or animals, nor fast such as cheetahs and hawks, but our brains and thinking abilities have given us the advantage of any species on the planet.  Tech is a outcome.

Technology is either inherently bad or good ; it's how we use it makes it so.  The splitting of a hydrogen atom is tech at work.  As history has shown us, engineering may be used to create a nuclear bomb which kills millions -- or even generate electricity that lights up a million houses.

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