Essay on Role of Science in Making India

Essay on Role of Science in Making India 

In the evolution of India, science has helped a great deal in the past couple of decades.  Science has led to the industries.  Science has enhanced greater employment opportunities, the market, has played a significant part and saved countless lives.  Science is essential for development and its growth of India.  It plays an integral part in our lives. 

Essay on Role of Science in Making India 

Every nation must invest for technologies that are scientific.  In this essay on the use of science in creating India we'll see how science has helped India to develop in various sectors.

How Indian Scientists have Helped India Grow?

The name comes to my head If it comes to scientists is CV Raman.  CV Raman was.  His job was associated with noise and light.  He researched when light passes through a transparent material, some of the light waves that were deflected determine the shift in wavelength and its own amplitude.

APJ Abdul Kalam is your name that arrives within my thoughts in scientists.  APJ Abdul Kalam functioned with ISRO and DRDO as an Aerospace engineer.  He was president of India from 2002 to 2007.  A whole lot was donated by abdul Kalam .  Among those gifts is currently deploying Rohini Satellite near the orbit of Earth.  A couple more titles are Homi Bhabha, Visvesvaraya, V Radhakrishnan, Satyendra Nath Bose and a lot more...

How has Science Increased Employment Opportunities

It contributes to new businesses any new technology has been found.  If any new apparatus is devised it's going to call for professionals to command the apparatus.  Creations that are such help in employment opportunities.  This assists in growth in companies which subsequently develops the market.

Curing Diseases and Saving Lives

Medical science saved countless lives and has developed.  New technologies such as mind detectors tissues inhalers virtual reality are all currently making work for tens of thousands of physicians around the globe.  And these technology treating ailments and are saving countless lives. 

Role in Agriculture Sector

Science has played a significant part in the Agriculture industry.  Food is just one of the needs of our own lives.  And science has invented many new agriculture methods that have improved production.  The aged techniques farmers utilized to follow took too much work, and was slow, costly.Science has made it all a whole lot more easy. 

Centers in innovative equipment fertilizers, irrigation, and pesticides are assisting farmers save money, and to operate quicker. 


Science has helped us a lot in a variety of ways and it'll keep helping.  Everyone ought to not spend in engineering and science but should remain aware.

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